EnviroCon is an EPA Registered bacteriostat, germistat and all purpose deodorizer. Using leading chlorine dioxide technology, it application is directed at controlling micro-organisms. Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful antimicrobial compound effective against micro-organisms. Specific to the HVAC industry, EnviroCon may be used wherever air needs to be treated or on the cooling coils, drip pans, and other associated air conditioning parts and duct work, including all indoor environments. It not only controls the growth of micro-organisms, but eliminates unpleasant odors that are the result of microbial growth. The powerful active ingredient in EnviroCon oxidizes odors associated with bacteria, germs, smoke, animals, etc. in the air handling units. This product does not cover up or mask the odor with alcohol or perfumes. It eliminates the source of the odor, leaving your air fresh and clean.

Instructions for Use

A point of contact application, EnviroCon, through a chlorine dioxide release-process, destroys organisms at their source. Apply a liberal amount directly to the duct work, drip pans, evaporator coils and other associated air conditioning components to eliminate germs, micro-bacteria and their odors. Apply into the system intake while the system fan is running to ensure complete microbial environmental control. Due to the size and length of duct systems, it is important to allow several minutes of application time for adequate system coverage.

Toxicity and Safety

One of the most significant features of EnviroCon is the low toxicity and safety rating by the EPA. Rated as a category III, EnviroCon can be applied directly to HVAC system duct work in occupied and populated areas. EnviroCon is a NO-RINSE product, making it easy to apply. Once applied, it dries leaving the system residue-free.

Application Methods

Applied with a hand held fogger, EnviroCon is easily applied to all HVAC systems including residential, commercial, industrial and health facilities. All HVAC surfaces should be pre-cleaned prior to application.

Product Overview

  • EPA Registered
  • Point-of-Contact Microbial Control
  • No Activation Required
  • No Rinsing
  • No Perfumes
  • No Alcohol
  • Low Toxicity & Safety Rating
  • Easy to Apply